Friday, August 13, 2010

Marginal hunting seasons

© 2010 Joshua Stark

Another quick note.  Here in California, many are surprised at how early we start hunting deer.  Our archery seasons for much of the coast began in July, and our other regions' seasons are about to get started.

However, I thought I'd point out that more than just deer are available for folks with sticks and strings in our Golden State.  The archery season for tree squirrels began August 1st, and archery quail season starts this Sunday, August 15th!  Of course, rabbits have been open for hunting since July 1, and hares are open year-round.

Yes, these are marginal hunting opportunities, and many would scoff at the idea of trying to arrow any bird short of a turkey (which, by the way, is as easy to hunt with a bow as with a shotgun).  But, there are a number of fun and interesting hunting arrowheads specifically for prey such as quail.  The most common option is the Judo Point, a great head by Zwickey Archery, but they make a better bird point with the Kondor Point - a Judo Point with longer wires.

One can also hunt with Snaro points, which consist of metal cables looped forward, sticking out a few inches on either side.  These heads catch birds.

The good features of these heads include less arrow loss from slipping away, and a wider striking area, allowing for more room for error.  With these animals, you are aiming for something about the same size as the vitals on bigger game, and with the extra help from these fun points, your odds get even better - so try not to be so intimidated.  Also remember that you are out to fling arrows, see some beautiful country, and quietly scout for rifle and shotgun seasons, but if you EVER come home with a successful hunt, you will be the envy of your friends, and prouder'n a peacock, to boot! 

This year, I hope to get out once with my recurve and some small game points after birds and squirrels and rabbits.  Maybe I'll see you out there.

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